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    AdPad®, our newest platform, allows you to tap into and manage campaigns across all of our advertising products, using an advanced and intelligent interface. Get greater insights using real-time data to quickly and efficiently make decisions that optimize your campaign. Our team works with thousands of marketers, from businesses of all sizes looking for phone calls, increased web traffic, competitive Cost Per Click(CPC) campaigns , user registrations, comScore traffic, and fully managed partnerships.

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    Personal Relationships

    A strong personal relationship with all of our advertisers is important to us. As an eZanga advertiser, you will have a dedicated account manager that is an expert in the field working side by side with you. Your dedicated account manager will help you customize your campaign so that you can further optimize profits and stay ahead of the competition.

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    Easy to Use

    Log into your AdPad dashboard from anywhere to manage multiple campaigns and generate comprehensive reports. Get granular with precise targeting tools designed to reach specific audiences at the most opportune time. Follow campaign performance, make adjustments, and view the results instantaneously.

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    Value Your Time

    We know the value of your time, so AdPad allows you to make use of that time as efficiently as possible. The intelligent system makes managing your campaign simple, fast and effective.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

Targeted Clicks, Converted to Customers

eZanga Pay Per Click(PPC) advertising places your ads based on keywords, relevancy, and website content so that your business is seen by the people in need to be to increase sales and meet your marketing goals.

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Pay Per Call Advertising

Conversations Convert Better

Right now, there are millions of abandoned business numbers that leave motivated buyers misplaced at the end of a phone call. eZanga Calls provides you with a unique opportunity to take advantage of these high quality leads by redirecting them to your business. You can customize call campaigns with features that target geographically down to the zip code, within a specific time frame, and down to a specific category or sub-category.

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Search Engine Management

Let us do all the work!

With eZanga SEM, you will feel like you have added a full time search professional to your staff. Your designated account manager will build, implement and optimize your campaign across all of the major search engines Google, Yahoo! and Bing. They will work with you to learn more about your business, marketing budget, and campaign goals so that they can optimize your campaign to ensure a high return on investment.

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AdPad Business Connect

Watch Your Business Grow

If you are small or medium business with large time restraints and a small budget, eZanga ABC was designed for you. We place your website in front of people searching for your type of business online to drive more traffic to your website. Then, we send you the reports so you can measure the results. It only takes a few minutes to get started. Just tell us about your business, your customers and choose the amount of people you'd like to reach each month.

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