Facebook Timeline for brand pages was only announced yesterday, but brands have already showed tremendous innovation in updating their pages. Brand pages, with their big and beautiful cover photos, have the ability to become a detailed scrapbook of a brand's history, past, and present.

For most brands and companies, it'll take time to fill in their entire history, if they even choose to do so. But of course big brands such as The New York Times, Verizon Wireless, and Coca-Cola have been anticipating this day since Timeline was announced for personal profiles. They have probably been creating and curating content and thinking of strategies for months now, so when they were able to enable Timeline yesterday they could quickly fill in their history. This may seem like it puts smaller brands at a disadvantage, but really it works out well. You can get ideas for your brand page from some of the content on these pages.

Here are some of our favorite brand pages so far, and why we think they make excellent examples of how to best utilize Timeline for your brand.

The New York Times

The brand page for The New York Times has done an amazing job with using Timeline for telling their story, from the first newspaper published in 1851.

New York Times founded

From there, The New York Times has added numerous milestones, through which you can really see how it has become what it is today. You can find the exact day that a certain feature or section was added to the newspaper.

New York Times sections and features

The New York Times has also uploaded and dated photos from The New York Times photo archives showing what it's like to work "Inside The Times".

Perhaps most importantly, they have pinned a post to the top of the Timeline that introduces it and explains how they'll be using Timeline.

NYT Pinned Post

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless has already figured out a way to use their cover photo to engage their fans. They're holding a contest called "30 Days. 30 Tablets." where fans can submit photos of cityscapes or landscapes taken with cameras on their mobile devices. Winners will have themselves and their picture featured in the cover photo and possibly win a Droid XYBOARD 8.2 by Motorola.

Also, Verizon Wireless uses graphics to mark milestones and statistics about company growth, rather than just using text.

The Verizon Wireless Timeline is also like an old cell phone museum. They marked important moments in the mobile phone industry and uploaded pictures of old cell phones. Start at the bottom and scroll up to see how cell phones have evolved and wax nostalgic about your old phones.

Cell phone museum


Coca-Cola's cover photo is a beautiful example of how you can take a scrapbook/collage approach to your cover photo. Pay close attention to the page's description: the page is a "collection of your stories".

As you scroll through their Timeline, you see how true that is. Most of the content isn't about Coca-Cola as a brand, it's about how Coca-Cola is part of our culture. For example, right after they mark introducing a new formula ("New Coke") in the 80's, they also show how the world reacted, leading to them changing it back.

Coca Cola new coke

Coca-Cola has also published stories about how Coca-Cola has been a part of people's lives. There are stories about a husband and wife first meeting by sharing a Coke, someone drinking a cold Coke in their very first car, and other tales that demonstrate how much Coca-Cola is part of American culture. There were simply too many adorable stories to post here, so I encourage you to scroll through their Timeline.

Coca Cola Tantrums

We look forward to more brands filling in their Timelines this month and seeing how they decide to tell their stories. Have you seen other brand pages with Timelines you just love?