How many developers conferences do you think sell out in 71 seconds? That's how long it took for every single ticket to Apple's WWDC to be scooped up. That's Apple for you. As usual, rumors of announcements have been swirling since about 5 minutes after last year's WWDC ended. Now that rumors have been put to bed, let's look at the reality from the first hour of the keynote:

Cool stats

  • Apple retail stores served 1 million people per day last year
  • There are now 407 Apple stores in 14 countries
  • Users have downloaded 50 billion apps from the app store
  • The app store has 900,000 apps
  • 375,000 of those apps were specifically designed for the iPad
  • Apple has paid developers $10 billion – $5 billion in the past year alone (3x more than all other platforms combined)

Mac OS X Mavericks

  • The next OS X will be called OS X Mavericks, the first version to not be named after a big cat.
  • New features in Finder: instead of opening separate Finder windows, you can use tabs. You can also tag files!
  • Multiple displays: you can spread your menu bar and dock across multiple displays, and you can full screen on one display, leaving the other display open. You can drag almost anything from one display to another. Apple TV can also be used as a display.
  • There are several new ways to improve battery life, like timer coalescing and compressed memory.
  • Safari: A new "top site" to store bookmarks and a "reading list" feature and sidebar. It uses less energy and memory now.
  • iCloud Keychain: stores your website logins, credit card numbers, etc. with 256-bit AES encryption. When you're signing up to a page, Safari can even suggest a password that will be automatically synced across all of your iCloud devices.
  • You can now respond to notifications within the notification center and can subscribe to alerts from your iOS device.
  • The calendar has been revamped without the faux-leather motif. It has infinite scrolling, will suggest locations for your events and accounts for getting from location to location, telling you when you need to leave.
  • OS X is getting a maps app where you can set up a route and send it right to your phone. For developers, Apple is providing providing a developer SDK, so you can bring mapping functionality into your apps.
  • iBooks is coming to the Mac, including textbooks! You can add notes to the text and interact with what the publisher provides.
  • Available: this fall

MacBook Air

  • There's an entirely new line of the Air, with "all-day battery life."
  • Based on Haswell, a new Intel 4th Gen chip with more energy-efficient CPUs, faster graphics performance, and improved WiFi.
  • There's a new line of AirPort base stations.
  • Available: today! The 11″ starts at $999, the 13″ at $1099

Sneak Peek of the new Mac Pro

  • Double the CPU performance of the previous generation.
  • Internal storage is based on new generation flash that 2.5x faster than any other.
  • Has the new Thunderbold 2, with up to 6 devices per port.
  • Supports multiple streams of 4k displays.
  • The cylindrical Mac Pro is less than 1/8 the volume of the original, with a handle at the top so it's easy to turn around to see ports, which light up when you turn it, so that the ports are easy to see.

Which of these announcements are you most excited about? If none of them tickle your fancy, stay tuned for another post full of announcements from the second half of the keynote!

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