Blogging is on the downfall due to the rise in popularity of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, specifically concerning younger internet users, according to a February 20 New York Times article. While there's no denying the power of social media sites, blogging continues to be an interesting way for people to express themselves online.

Some former bloggers have reported being uninspired and "too busy to write lengthy posts," says the Times. Apparently some feel social networking is "good enough" for online expression. My question is: When did "good enough" become good enough?

Blogging is an art form. A good blogger puts thought into what they're writing and truly believes in the power of the written word. Facebook and Twitter are great for quick, spur of the moment comments that show the author's stream of consciousness; however, blogs are oftentimes more contemplative and invoke richer conversation among readers.

Another question arises in my mind: Are social media and blogs in the same vertical? In some ways, yes; both are easy-to-access mediums for (anonymous and distinctive) authors to get their thoughts out there in the online sphere. The difference is blogs have been historically more thought-out and edited than many status updates.

Perhaps the solution to the argument (despite being virtually uncontrollable) is that both blogs and social media forums are worthy of admiration. Facebook and Twitter are great for up-to-the minute information, while blogs stand as a more in-depth way for authors to express their opinions creatively. Ultimately, it's up to the author to choose how they wish to express their important (or frivolous or angry or enthusiastic or…) opinions to those who wish to receive them.

In an age when content is king and information is abundant, one needs to sift through the junk to find the gems. Speaking as a devotee of literature in all its forms, I am inspired by the blogs I read every day and I wish whole-heartedly they stick around.

So what's your opinion, is social media killing the blog? Or is it redefining expression?