Remember when privacy started to become a big issue in social media? Apparently that ship has already set sail. Make way for Color, the newest social network to throw down its anchors.

Founded by Bill Nguyen (co-founder of Lala, a music service acquired by Apple), Color is a free smartphone app that was just launched following a $41 million funding round. But what does it do exactly? It serves as a gathering ground for pictures and videos taken with the app's camera function, and makes available in real-time for all those nearby also in the Color community to view.

To put it simply, privacy is thrown out the window, except that technically, Color users don't know who they'are connecting with. It's a type of privacy created through anonymity, rather than stringent security settings. It's an app for the "post-PC" world, says Nguyen, who told the Huffington Post, "As tech causes cultural changes, we're going to live so much more of our lives in public. There's private stuff and there's public stuff. Decide which kind of information you want to share and then launch the appropriate app for that."

So there you have it. This new entry into social networking is a bold one to be sure. Color operates full steam ahead, with a no-holds-barred, no-pictures-unshared mentality. For those brave enough to jump into the chromatic world of strangers' lives, more power to them. As of now, however, Color appears to be garnering some not-so-savory reviews over the Android Market website. I think I'll stick with crayons to do my coloring.