R.I.P. email Marketers, and those who write about marketing, love declaring certain channels "dead." How often do you see blog posts, podcasts, etc. declaring "advertising is dead," or "social media is dead?" Probably once a week, depending on how much time you spend reading industry blogs.

Lately, I've been seeing more and more "experts" declaring email dead, and I have to laugh. They say that people communicate on social media so much that no one likes email anymore. But guess what people dislike more than email? Phone calls and snail mail.

So even though social media continues to grow and grow, email is still alive and kicking. (Tweet this)

That's right, put your black clothes away, because it's not yet time to mourn email marketing. Like most marketing mediums, it's just evolving as technology and social media continue to change the ways people communicate. Don't worry about how much the game changes, email will learn the new rules and continue to play.

Need proof? This infographic from Marketo has a ton of stats to convince you, including:

  • A Google search for "Email is dead" returns 1,500,000 results (Tweet this)
  • 94% of Americans ages 12 and older who are active online say they use email regularly (Tweet this)
  • 58% of adult Americans check their email first thing in the morning (Tweet this)
  • 64% of companies say their investments in email marketing are expected to increase in 2013 (Tweet this)
  • Email is the most preferred channel for Millenials for receiving marketing communication (Tweet this)
  • 77% of consumers said they preferred to receive permission-based marketing communication via email (Tweet this)
  • Compared to other channels, email marketing generates nearly twice the return (Tweet this)
  • For every dollar spent on email marketing in 2011, there was a $40.56 return (Tweet this)

But as email use is evolving, so must your email marketing strategy. Be sure to:

  • Leave behind the old "batch and blast" model of marketing (Tweet this)
  • Earn your subscribers' trust by obeying CAN-SPAM and being honest and transparent (Tweet this)
  • Engage your subscribers with conversational emails instead of "set it and forget it" campaigns (Tweet this)
  • Segment your email marketing lists so that each email will be relevant to each subscriber (Tweet this)
  • Integrate email with other marketing channels for consistent experiences for the subscribers (Tweet this)
Email Wanted Dead or Alive

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