Google+ Plays a Tune for Facebook

After taking the spotlight from MySpace, a social networking site that prides itself on its music sharing capabilities, Facebook has reigned supreme in nearly every other facet. Most would say, however, that Facebook is seriously lacking in the music sharing department.

This sore spot has been left open to potential competitors, and it seems as though Facebook will meet its match once Google's social network launches. Google+ is reported to feature:

  • Easy sharing of YouTube music videos - the most popular of all videos watched on YouTube
  • Group Listening Parties – a hangout where "circles" can listen to music together
  • Live Sessions – the possibility for musicians to perform and interview live, in real-time
  • Music Storage – storing and sharing of music files
  • Android Apps – integration between music apps and Google+ on smartphones

So, watch out, Zuckerberg, Google+ is coming to steal your fans.

Facebook's Planned Solo Performance?

But wait! Are there secret plans for a new Facebook music service? Jeff Rose thinks so. The software developer reportedly cracked the code while downloading the file used to run the new Facebook video chat feature, which was announced just this past Wednesday.

Rose says a string of code which includes the phrase "facebook.vibes" hints at a music service that is already in the works. In his tech blog, Rose announced that "The vibes app connects with a music download dialog in the page though, so I'm guessing that with this release we are seeing the seeds for Facebook's upcoming music offering."

So, maybe Facebook does have a shot at staying on stage! Which are you most looking forward to? Google+ or a more music-friendly Facebook?

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