When clocks struck 12 on New Year's Day, alarm beeps ceased for iPhone users. The problem continued on the iPhone's non-recurring setting throughout the weekend.

Apple stated the problem would be fixed come January 3rd, just in time for those returning to their regular work week, and yet some still reported no alarm Monday and this morning.

The past few days reared panic and outrage over social media outlets, such as Twitter. People who overslept, missed flights, were late for work, class, and appointments all pointed fingers at Apple. Huffington Post published "iPhone Alarm Glitch: How It Cost Me My Job" by Lindsay Garvey discussing how she was terminated to due tardiness and tells Steve Jobs he has "directly contributed to unemployment in 2011."

Apple hasn't said much about the issue, but users have troubleshooted their own ways to get around the bug. Advice echoed throughout Apple's support forums: Simply clear all existing alarms and create new ones. Any alarm created after 1/2/2011 should be safe (for most).

iPhone users can't help but wonder when the next alarm glitch will be. This is the second iOS alarm problem to surface within the past two months, the first being November's Daylight Saving Time change.

I guess we'll have to wait to see what happens in March?