A word to the wise: a scam is being spread on Facebook and is targeting Twihards. The scam is disguised as a Twilight: Breaking Dawn game on Facebook, but is also being spread through friends' photo albums. Be cautious if you're tagged in a friend's album and don't click on an ad for this particular Twilight game.

The scam is suspected to be on a mission to retrieve your personal data through your Facebook account. If you do choose to click "play now" on the Twilight game, (unless you like sharing your information with perfect strangers), you'll either be asked to start playing the game or switch your Facebook HTTPS connection to a regular connection, depending on how you're connected.

The next step in spreading the virus is the unintentional "like" of the game, which will be posted to your wall, thus spreading the link to other users. If you continue to go along with the prompt, you'll be asked to "allow" the Facebook App and fill out a form containing your personal information.

Now, being the intelligent person you are, you'll not be lured by the captivating Twilight game, so you should have no problem. However, if you've fallen victim to the scam prior to reading this warning, delete all posts on your wall and friends' walls that link to the game and deny any access to the app in your security settings. Please pass the word along to all the Twihards and Facebook enthusiasts in your life.