Remember the childhood game 'Twister' from Hasbro, where all you needed was a color board, a spin wheel, and a group of friends to get the party started? Yeah, scratch that.

Welcome to 2011, where Majesco Entertainment plans to bring 'Twister Mania' to Kinect (however it seems the game itself has absolutely nothing in common with the original, except the name).

Here's what to expect:

  • Supports up to eight players.
  • Three different gaming modes with four variations totaling 16 ways to play with more than 1800 shapes
  • Variations include creating shapes and challenging friends to recreate said shape (Spot On), positioning body to fit into a 'hole in the wall' (Twist & Fit), earn points on how well you can fit into a silhouette of a shape (Shape Frenzy), and surviving a puzzle of colored shapes as a wall crumbles above you (Break it Down).
  • Cost is $49.
  • Expected release is November 2011.

What makes this even better is the snapshot photos of your body contortions after every play session. I think that in and of itself makes it worth it.

How about you? Will you be purchasing Twister Mania, or keeping it old school with the color board and spin wheel?