Twitter rolls out new 'Discover' tab

Last Tuesday, Twitter announced on its blog that it would be improving the 'Discover' tab, a feature introduced with the 'Let's Fly' version of Twitter in December. The tab presents trending topics, suggestions on who to follow, and recommends stories. An improved recommendation algorithm will give you even more personalized content and put that content in social context.

For each recommended story, you can click 'View Tweets' to actually see which people in your network tweeted about the article, and what they had to say. You can also reply, favorite, or retweet those tweets right from the tab, or tweet your own comments on the article. In addition to the website, the tab will also be improved on the mobile site and mobile apps, both of which have also received recent updates.

French Twitter users use code names to discuss election

In France, it is against the law to publish election results before 8 p.m. on election night (Sunday night). To circumvent this embargo, French Twitter users came up with code words to discuss the election under the #RadioLondres hashtag. Radio Londres was a BBC broadcast in WWII that used code words to communicate during Nazi occupation of France.

Several code names were used for each candidate. Incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy was referred to as Rolex or Hungarian Tokaji wine, while challenger Fran├žois Hollande was nicknamed Gouda cheese or Flanby. The hashtag was also used in the first round of elections last month, but a lot of the code names for the candidates differed. Hollande won the election.

National Zoo live-tweets artificial insemination of panda

For the eighth time, the National Zoo attempted to produce another baby panda by artificial insemination of Mei Xiang on April 30. This time, instead of writing a press release, the entire procedure was live-tweeted by Dave Wildt, head of the Center for Species Survival at the zoo.

Using the zoo's Twitter account and the hashtag #PandaAI, Wildt brought the experience to interested Twitter users. Tweets included pictures of the equipment used as well as the giant panda, details about the procedure, and facts about giant pandas.

They won't know if the insemination took or not until the summer, but the zoo will continue to update everyone on Mei's status via social media and a panda newsletter. If it worked, I can't wait to see TwitPics of a little baby panda!