An Award-Winning Online Marketing Firm

An Award-Winning Online Marketing Firm

Pay per click advertising services that protect advertisers and publishers from the effects of invalid traffic.

Jimmy Hoppa, eZanga's mascot a green frog waving at you

"Meet eZanga and its parents, Rich and Beth Kahn. Gotta love a digital advertising firm with both heart and humor."

Introducing Rich and Beth, eZanga’s Founders

Innovation Through Passion For Online Advertising And Protection Against Digital Ad Fraud

Founded in 2003 by husband and wife team Rich and Beth Kahn, eZanga offers a proprietary ad management system and an iron-clad fraudulent detection platform for advertisers. However, the company didn’t launch with these products in mind.

eZanga started as an affiliate network. Rich, an avid programmer since age nine, realized the traffic sent to merchants was mostly bot traffic. He wanted to develop tools so advertisers wouldn’t worry about fraudulent traffic hitting their ad budgets.

eZanga’s game changing software AdPad and Traffic Advisors both protect advertisers and publishers from the negative impact of invalid traffic. Since 2005 Traffic Advisors, our in-house proprietary fraud management system, has ensured invalid fraudulent traffic never hits our advertiser’s budget. AdPad is our proprietary ad management system for advertisers.

Today, eZanga is a thriving business operating in Middletown, Delaware, continuing to push boundaries in pay per click advertising.

Our Mission

For nearly 20 years, eZanga has offered advanced digital advertising products to advertisers and publishers alike. Our goal is to eliminate fraudulent traffic once and for all. We have a culture filled with creativity, teamwork, and a dedication to developing outstanding products. And we do it with a “Work Hard, Eat Hard, Play Hard” mentality.

Our mission

What’s the Meaning Behind "eZanga"?

Back in the late 90’s Rich needed to name a search engine he designed. He wanted one with no defined meaning. He liked “” but lacked funding for the startup. Fast forward a few years when Rich and Beth were ready to launch their business. “” was taken so Beth simply added an “a” to the end.

The term “eZanga” does not have a nonsensical origin as originally thought. In Hindu “Zanga” translates to “tempo, beat”. In Aramaic it is “bell-ringer”. Both are quite fitting for our upbeat company! Also, the tribe in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel, “Lost World” has a Zanga reference. It’s a story about the survival of prehistoric animals aligning with our mascot frog, Jimmy Hoppa!

eZanga frog being drawn

What’s With The Frog?

Jimmy Hoppa is eZanga’s mascot and is forever emblazoned in our logo. Around the time eZanga was founded, Rich and Beth were building their house when a frog jumped into the wet concrete foundation. Unable to get out, he left his mark in the foundation of the Kahn home for eternity. He made a lasting impression on Beth who naturally chose a frog when it came time to design the eZanga logo.

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