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eZanga’s pay per click advertising solution connects with an untapped audience

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We Reach An Audience The Big Search Engines Ignore

With access to traffic from over 300,000 unique sources, we are an agency’s best kept secret. How do we do it? Our proprietary platform Traffic Advisors filters out fraudulent and unqualified traffic ensuring only qualified traffic is delivered to your site. This pay per click service is offered to our AdPad clients.

Why eZanga?

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Transparent Traffic

Since eZanga works with both publishers and advertisers, we take client feedback and share it directly with publishers to optimize the traffic you’re buying.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

We offer an accessible interface that makes campaign management simple. Just set it and let it run.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Our team gains insights throughout the life of a click, blocking bad traffic before it hits your budget. And it’s all done for less than what you may spend elsewhere.

Tools to Optimize Your Campaign

Our support team will help you utilize these essential campaign features



Serve ads only when potential customers are ready to buy.


Display ads where your potential customers are located, down to the zip code.

User Agent

Target users from a specific browser, operating system or device such as desktop, tablet or mobile.


API Access

Seamlessly integrate AdPad features into the backend of your site.

Bulk Upload

Make mass changes and updates quickly and easily.

Campaign Pacing

Make the most of your budget by spreading it out evenly throughout the day.


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