Use Color Psychology to Make Everyone Love You

Use Color Psychology to Make Everyone Love You

By Marty Schneck,November 16, 2015

Color psychology.

This is something that's so simple once you take time to understand it. People have studied colors for perhaps thousands of years. Colors evoke certain emotional and physical reactions in people, and we’ve only begun to understand this.

As a consumer, it’s really cool to understand why you're inclined to feel a certain way about a certain store or brand.

And as a business, this phenomenon can be used to create an identity for your brand, or portray emotions that you want your customers to feel. By incorporating a certain color in your logo, or plastering specific colors on your advertising campaign, you can create a simpler association for your customer to understand, based primarily on the emotions evoked by those colors.This can also do wonders when optimizing your Facebook profile, as well as your Twitter profile.

While this article focuses on color psychology as a whole, and uses logos and brands as main examples, you can extend this to more specific areas of marketing.

Benefits vs. Features: Sell the Hole, Not the Drill

Benefits vs. Features: Sell the Hole, Not the Drill

By Marty Schneck,November 11, 2015

Everyone loves buying things. At least, I know I do. Just recently I bought a sweet new camera.

When I showed my best friend and partner in crime, the first thing he asked was, “Why would you buy that one?”

Well…because the camera fit all of my needs.

My online search led me to a promotional video for Samsung, highlighting their new camera’s ability to take perfect, crisp selfies, with a screen that turns around so you can see what you capture. It showcased stylish amateur photographers easily carrying their compact, hipster camera. I could also share it with my phone and easily upload to Instagram or Facebook immediately after taking the picture. Perfect!

While the video listed a few features of the camera, the focus was on the user experience, and how those features could be used to benefit the people using the camera. This artsy camera will make my next trip or friendly outing complete.

Their tactic worked; I went with this camera. Other models focused on what the camera could do, rather than what it could do for me. Sure the other cameras “reduce image noise,” but I just wanted to share my delicious food with all my friends, and look cool doing it.

I wanted what the camera could give me, rather than the camera itself.

This situation shows why emphasizing the benefits of a product is infinitely more important that blatantly listing its features.

How to Request a New Display Campaign Set Up

How to Request a New Display Campaign Set Up

By Melissa Duko,November 5, 2015

Display advertising is a powerful tool to have in your advertising arsenal. When done right, it’s not only visually appealing to customers, it’s a cost effective way to get your ad noticed on websites.

eZanga’s display advertising offers an array of visual display options, ranging from static banners to video. And customers have access to premium websites, too.