Digital brands looking for help with paid search marketing have several PPC agency options to choose from. Some agencies will solely manage a brand’s AdWords account. Others will design landing pages. And there are even agencies that will handle social media and omni-channel marketing strategies.

There are as many different types of PPC agencies as there are types of ramen.

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But before choosing an agency to partner with, there's a vital component you need to consider: conversion rate optimization (CRO). Let’s take a look at three benefits of hiring a PPC agency with CRO expertise.

1. They’ll Make Customer Acquisition and ROI a Priority

This type of agency understands PPC doesn't operate in a vacuum. They know your paid ads are only a channel to reach actual users. They’ll keep customer acquisition and ROI at the forefront of their minds as they optimize your campaigns.

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They know AdWords can get expensive, especially if you're bidding for competitive keywords or are running an expansive Google shopping campaign. They’ll also focus on creating campaigns and ads that convert users, as opposed to simply generating traffic. After all, it's called "pay per click" for a reason — you don't want to be paying for more clicks without getting any more leads or customers. An agency’s goal should be to generate legitimate revenue for their clients.

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Why? Because ignoring the actual revenue-generation part of search marketing can get costly. Increased clicks means increased ad spend, and increased spend without increased revenue is never good. You want an agency that reports more on ROI than they do on CTR.

2. They’ll Use True KPIs, Not Vanity Metrics

CRO is the practice of taking the traffic your PPC campaigns generate and increasing the percentage of users that convert into actual leads and customers. The more conversions, the greater the chance for a higher ROI. To effectively optimize, they know the focus has to be on true key performance indicators (KPIs), not vanity metrics.

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Vanity metrics can give you the impression that your campaigns are performing well even when they might not be. Classic vanity metrics like total traffic volume, marketing spend, and trial users may paint a pretty picture, but they’re just a distraction. Vanity metrics won’t explain why you’re experiencing a lack of sales growth.

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An agency who considers CRO will focus on solid metrics like total conversion rate, return on marketing spend, and converted users. By focusing on these metrics, your chances for a higher ROI will increase.

3. They’ll Explore Other Ways to Generate Revenue, Too

CRO isn't the only place where there's extra money to be made. If you're really looking to optimize your paid search efforts, optimizing backwards is the best way to grow your ROI. True conversion rate optimization goes beyond the landing page and adjusting bids.

Consider this scenario:

  1. You optimize your PPC account and generate double the traffic, so naturally you have to double your ad spend to maintain the same visibility.
  2. Because of the doubled ad spend, you perform CRO and increase your conversions to give your sales team more leads.
  3. However, you find that your sales team isn't closing the new leads they get, so you have to optimize them to actually start generating more money.
  4. By this time, you've paid for quite a bit of traffic without generating any new revenue from your campaigns.
  5. You optimize your sales system and start to close more sales, but have cold leads in the funnel that have been ignored.

Optimizing backwards will help prime you for more revenue throughout the optimization process. Take a look:

  1. You first optimize your sales team to close more sales from the leads that your PPC campaigns already convert.
  2. You perform CRO to fill your already optimized sales funnel with more leads from your incoming traffic.
  3. Because you're already generating more conversions and sales - which directly grow revenue - you optimize PPC for more traffic.
  4. Optimized PPC efforts effectively lets you close more sales at a higher frequency in greater volume from backwards optimization.
  5. The investment in more ad spend and more traffic is already justified by your improved sales and revenue.
  6. You double down and re-invest your revenue into more ad spend to widen your funnel and grow more.

It can take a bit more time to work backwards and strategize this type of long-term CRO, but it pays off. And worst case, you can always dry your tears with the extra money you'll be making.

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Takeaways: Chase Cash Not Clicks

In the end, choosing a PPC agency that considers CRO is all about what KPIs you're trying to improve. Your business is your own, and it's up to you to decide what key performance indicators will dictate success for your brand. It's only key that you partner with a PPC agency that aligns their KPIs with yours.

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So, if you're looking to generate actual revenue and sales from your paid search campaigns, considering CRO is a must. In the end, PPC isn't about getting more clicks, it's about putting more money in your pocket.

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