Books are valuable sources of knowledge, but unfortunately they’re static. If you’re a marketer, relying on only books to educate yourself will leave you at a distinct disadvantage. In addition to books, you should be reading digital advertising blogs, too.

Blogs allow you to stay on top of industry trends, news, and techniques in real-time. Here are nine of our go-to mainstream and niche digital advertising blogs. Consider adding one or all of them to your daily reading.

1. The WordStream Blog

WordStream’s blog mixes humor and pop culture with powerful tips and industry knowledge. Some of the leading posts in the industry come from WordStream’s CEO Larry Kim, a master of PPC (and pop culture references) who also writes for other well-known publications including Search Engine Land and HubSpot.

WordStream Blog

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You’ll find topics ranging from “Harness the Power of Google Ratings” to “How to Edit Your Own Work: a Self-Editing Checklist.” Each post not only provides great content, but fantastic images, too. And did we mention they’re fans of the Oxford Comma? Win-win.

2. HubSpot Blogs

HubSpot actually has several blogs to choose from: marketing, sales, agency, academy, and web design. They update their blogs frequently, so you’re always sure to find fresh content. With so many posts available, be sure to take advantage of their search field to streamline for specific topics (e.g. PPC).

HubSpot Blog
Source: HubSpot

HubSpot is a great hub for infographics. And for novices just dipping their toes into PPC, HubSpot has several introductory posts worth checking out, like “How to Use Google AdWords: A Beginner’s Guide to PPC Advertising.”

3. The Moz Blog

Tech company Moz brings together the industry’s “top wizards, doctors, and other experts” with its blog: The Moz Blog. You’ll find topics like keyword research, mobile PPC, industry news, and more from blog contributors including Moz’s founder Rand Fishkin. (Fishkin also has his own personal blog worth checking out, too.)

The Moz Blog
Source: The Moz Blog

Moz also offers a unique feature dubbed “Whiteboard Friday.” Each Friday, Fishkin spends approximately nine minutes tackling a topic on, you guessed it, a whiteboard. The video blogs are a fun reprieve from the usual blog reading. And the best part: you don’t have to take notes. There’s a transcript of the video included, too.

4. Occam’s Razor

Blogger Avinash Kaushik is the co-founder and CEO of Market Motive, and the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google. For his blog, he chose the name Occam’s Razor because it best reflects his philosophy. Occam’s Razor is a philosophical principle that states if you have two explanations for one event, the simpler explanation is more likely to be better than the complex one.

Kaushik strives to share his expertise in as simple terms as possible. He writes about everything from analytics to storytelling with data to social media.

Occam's Razor
Source: Occam’s Razor

His blog posts are pretty meaty and inspire lots of reader commentary. Should you decide to leave a comment too, don’t be surprised to get a personal response from Kaushik, who interacts frequently with his followers.

5. Kissmetrics Blog

Want to know more about analytics, marketing, or testing? Look no further than the Kissmetrics Blog. Kissmetrics’ blog posts are no frills, straight to the point nuggets of information. And they’re jam-packed with great infographics.

Readers are encouraged to leave comments. But if you decide to share your thoughts on a particular article, be sure to use your real name or your comment may be deleted.

Kissmetrics Blog
Source: Kissmetrics Blog

You can add this blog to your Feedly, or sign up to have the latest content delivered right to your inbox.

6. SEMrush Blog

SEMrush’s blog, is one of the first blogs we read every morning. In fact, when we heard Google Side Ads were eliminated, we knew SEMrush would have a comprehensive blog post on it. (And they did!)

SEMrush Blog
Source: SEMrush

SEMrush doesn’t just feature PPC related posts, they also write about advanced SEO, content marketing, data science, and more, making them a great resource for just about anything related to digital marketing.

When topics are dry, SEMrush does their best to add a humorous spin (e.g. “Confessions of an Ex-Googler: 3 AdWords Questions I Answered Most Often”) to keep readers engaged. They also host SEM related discussions every Wednesday on Twitter during their weekly #semrushchat.

7. PPC Hero

With a name like PPC Hero, how can you not be reading this blog daily? All of PPC Hero’s blog posts come from the experts at Hanapin Marketing, so you know you’re getting valuable insight.

For quick skimming, categories include “The Latest,” “News & Reaction,” “How To,” “Case Studies,” “Our Position,” and “Resources.” Here, you’ll find intriguing topics like “A Sensationalist’s Survival Guide to PPC Marketing.”

PPC Hero
Source: PPC Hero

PPC Hero is full of the best advanced practices for seasoned PPC pros. And if you want to explore related topics, below each blog post they have a handy “Also on PPC Hero” section.

8. Invoca Blog

Invoca’s blog posts are as informative as they are entertaining, plus their article subjects are always timely. In fact, they’re a great resource for call advertising trends, best practices, and analytics tips.

Invoca Blog
Source: Invoca

Blog categories include mobile marketing, search marketing, performance marketing, Invoca news, marketing analytics, B2B marketing, and videos. Depending on the topic, articles range from concise to lengthy. Some content may also look familiar to you, as we’ve showcased some Invoca content on our own blog, too.

9. Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch’s blog is great for people who like to quickly skim for articles. Their layout is clean and easy to read. And they include subcategories at the bottom of their article previews (e.g. analytics, PPC, social) in case you’re looking for a particular audience persona.

Search Engine Watch
Source: Search Engine Watch

At the end of each post, they not only include related reading suggestions, but each article suggestion has a decent amount of preview text. By allowing you to get a feel for the article without having to leave the page, you’re saving time (and back and forth clicks).

Bonus Blog: SEO by The Sea

Bill Slawski is the President and founder of SEO by the Sea, Inc. His blog is an excellent source for all things pertaining to SEO. Considering SEO + PPC is a winning combo, you’d be remiss not to read his blog, too.

Categories include search personalization, mobile search marketing, keyword research, etc. With article topics such as, “How Google Might Make Better Synonym Substitutions Using Knowledge Base Categories.”

SEO by the Sea
Source: SEO by the Sea

Slawski’s archives date all the way back to June 2005, so if you want to travel back in time and see what SEO was like 10+ years ago, go for it!


Blogs are the best platform for staying on top of all things digital marketing, especially PPC related. It sounds cliche and corny, but reading, especially about PPC, is fundamental. So, grab a cup of coffee and pencil in some daily educational (and entertaining) reading.