Right now, there are millions of customers looking to speak to a business before buying a product. So they pick up the phone. But how can you get to those buyers? Pay per call advertising.

Pay per call is the bridge between online and offline advertising. Some examples include:

  • TV commercials
  • Click to call
  • Abandoned phone calls
  • Warm transfers

Customers may discover an advertiser through a TV commercial or mobile PPC ad. And with the rise of mobile, pay per call advertising is more important than ever.

Mobile users aren't interested in filling out forms. They’d rather go straight to the source using a ‘click to call’ ad extensions. This is when you’re searching for something and see a ‘call now’ button for the first result. They let users call a business with one click, straight from the search results.

Another popular method uses abandoned phone numbers. Have you ever called a business to find the number was no longer in service? Abandoned phone numbers are everywhere, and a potential opportunity for advertisers.

An advertiser can attach their phone number to that call. The caller would be transferred from any kind of abandoned call to another business. The advertiser gets a warm lead, and the caller gets to talk to an actual business.

Pay per call methods can be valuable to your company’s success. Here’s why pay per call is worth the money: