It’s no secret that we love a good prank war here at eZanga, and when our interns casually mentioned that they hadn’t been pranked yet, their voices filled with hope, we knew it was ON! Whether it was a classic frogging, the much-coveted balloon pit, or a cringeworthy Bieber man-cave, these interns totally got pwned.

Bieber Birthday

Justin was the only intern who would be in the office on his birthday, so we had to commemorate this joyous occasion in true eZanga fashion. What you may not have known about our little ray of “Sunshine” is he absolutely LOATHES Justin Bieber, or so he says.

As a very special birthday present, we gift-wrapped Justin’s office supplies in neon, animal print wrapping paper. That was before wallpapering his cubicle in pictures of his favorite pop star. Only the best for the Biebs, you know?

Ed put the cherry on top of a perfect prank birthday cake by photoshopping a photo of the two Justins posing as besties. A photo that now sits atop of Sunshine’s mantle in his apartment. The cat’s out of the bag now, Justin: you’re officially a belieber.

Better Than a Ball Pit

Our lovely content marketing interns had a little extra time on their hands one day and calculated how much money it would take to transform their office into a fully functional ball pit. They presented the idea to our Digital Content Supervisor, Brittany, and bazinga! An idea was born.

For days, the PR/Marketing team focused all of the hot air we usually use to talk about Sia, the Kardashians, and make Mean Girls references into blowing up balloons. Now, when I say we spent days blowing up balloons, I mean we filled that room up to our chests with brightly colored bulbs of happiness and hot air.

Sorry, Marty. No amount of chocolate chip cookie goodness was going to save you.

You Got #Frogged

When Sam mentioned in her interview for the third installment of her “Meet The Interns” series that she hadn’t been pranked yet, we started cooking up ideas for how to get her good.

Ed and I threw ideas back and forth for a solid hour, but nothing seemed “eZanga” enough. That’s when it came to us. We had to go with a classic, a prank that has been pulled by some of the greatest pranksters in eZanga history (alright, mostly just by Beth): Sam had to get frogged.

For those of you unfamiliar with the act of frogging, that’s when we take our awesome stress-frogs, usually reserved for trade show freebies, and cover an employee’s office space with them. The scene at Sam’s cubicle that morning was like the second Plague of Egypt! Our mascot, Jimmy Hoppa, would’ve been so proud!

Who says we’re going to stop here? Watch out Fall 2014 interns. You’ve officially been warned:

What was your favorite prank that we pulled on our summer interns? Or, what’s one of your favorite pranks that you’ve played on your co-workers? Leave us a comment below; we could always use new ideas!