It’s no secret we love to eat hard at eZanga, and we’re all competitive sports fans. So how does eZanga celebrate the official start to pro football season? By bringing back eZanga’s Wing Bowl, of course! This year’s match-up: the Fowl Mouths vs. the Wing Men.

Two years ago, we celebrated the Super Bowl with an epic Wing Bowl competition that left all buffalo wings within a 20-mile radius running for cover. This year, we kicked it up a notch: two teams, tons of Buffalo Wild Wings, and the first team to finish gets eZanga bragging rights. If that doesn’t get your mouth watering, I don’t know what will.

So after getting our team shirts on, and ordering massive amounts of wings for this intense competition, everyone got into position, and well, you can see what happened next!

And the winner is… the Wing Men, by a landslide (of hot sauce and bleu cheese, that is)!

Now that we’re all cleaned up and done licking our fingers, it’s time to get back to working hard! Another successful Wing Bowl in the eZanga history books, and just another reason why we all love working at eZanga!