It’s been a rollercoaster ride of a summer for me at eZanga, and the best way for me to explain it would have to be with lyrics from Queen and David Bowie’s Under Pressure. Sometimes, you just feel the pressure of feeling like a real employee here.

With any new experience comes goods times and struggles. Developing a lighter tone when writing, rather than the news-y tone that I’m more used to, has been my biggest challenge this summer, and honestly, it’s probably something that I will still be working on. Not to mention all the research, deadlines, and edits. How did I ever survive!? It may take some time to recover.

Now, I would not call myself a lucky person by any means, in fact, I’m pretty sure there’s a dark cloud that follows me around. Don’t get too close, or you might catch it. But I would have to say that I’m very lucky to have found this internship!

This experience has been like no other. Cheesy, I know. But seriously it’s been great! I have learned so much that I thought I would never learn and did things I thought I would never do. No, I’m not talking about anything crazy like jumping out of a plane, though that would be fun. I mean becoming active on social media and learning how to develop different tones and styles when writing.

Also learning how to write and submit guest blog posts to other sites is something I would have never expected to do. It can be nerve-wracking, but exciting, waiting to see if your post gets picked up. I haven’t had any posts picked up yet, but I remain hopeful and plan on continuing to submit them. Fingers crossed!

Being a stranger to social media before my internship, the oh-so-wonderful Megan Ingenbrandthas opened the door of endless possibilities that come with using social channels to highlight how awesome you are. That’s right - I can tweet and update my LinkedIn with one hand and a cup of piping hot coffee in the other. And for that, I say, “Thanks, Megan!”

Oh, and I have to say, being the caffeine-addicted barista that I am, I’ve loved the endless amounts of free coffee from the eZanga kitchen! It’s been a great way to perk me up on those early Tuesday and Wednesday mornings to help me get down to business. But most of all, I’ve enjoyed the Planet Fitness-like atmosphere of a “judgment-free” zone.

Thanks for everything and see ya around eZanga, it’s been real!