As a business owner, you always want to make your business grow. You make efforts, but you don’t get what you expected. Have ever you imagined why this happens with you and your business?

If not, I am going to answer this. You wouldn’t have optimized your business site for search engines (Google, Yahoo, or Bing). Besides, you would not have appropriately valued your content, audiences, and SEO tools that are in trends, and will be more helpful in the current year 2019. Here are marketing tips that can help propel your SEO:

Know Your Audience

You know any marketing strategy brings results when it is executed well by keeping the audience in mind. Just targeting users is not enough. You need to target the right audience based on age, gender, behavior, and geographical location.

For instance, you are a restaurant owner. And you want to deliver meals in your area. Keep in mind targeting the audience of all ages and genders might be the wrong idea for you. Here you have a primary focus on the customers of young ages, especially professionals with a lack of time to cook food at home.


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Rework Website Design and Development

Professionals use different tools and platforms for designing and developing a website. Some of those platforms and tools are friendly to SEO while some are not.

You need to review the design and development works of your website. Before you opt for complete redesigning of your website, you should know the following points:

  • Develop an understanding of what presently supports your SEO campaign.
  • Collect idea on the issues that you can face with the redesign of your website.
  • Prepare a comprehensive plan for what you need to change.

You can easily carry out your redesign and redevelopment work to boost your SEO by following these tips:

  • Crawl the data and keep it saved.
  • Keep the old site live and refer it to the new one once it gets ready.
  • Modify the content if it is not friendly to SEO.
  • Take support of professional designers and developers in doing the best with much effect on your current ranking if it is good one.
  • Use the WordPress CMS, here is why cPanel for WordPress is best choice.

In brief, do what is good for your SEO campaign and can help you in achieving the desired results for a longer period.

Value Content

Content, here specially written text, is the king in search engine optimization. Without it, no SEO tactic will work for you, and hence, users will not come across your website while making their queries on Google or any other search engines.

You know Google ranks the site highest which has unique, engaging, and meaningful content. Besides, the site fulfills the need of what a user who is typing his/her queries in the search box of a search engine. It is clear here that you need to take the utmost care of your content. Start from the content on your web pages.

  • Review your website contents.
  • Sort out issues if the site has like duplicate, low quality contents etc.
  • Insert the appropriate keywords if you haven’t used them yet. Include keywords based on Hummingbird, LSI, and semantic search.
  • Make your web content compelling, unique, engaging, and meaningful so that users can easily find you on search engines.
  • Keep the language simple and sentences short.


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Include Voice Search Optimization in Your SEO Strategy

You know people are getting lazier with the advancement in technology. They want to do anything most easily. Speaking is more comfortable than writing and hence, they use Voice Search option in spite of typing their queries in the search box on search engines, and the search engines, especially Google, display results after recognizing the voice of users.

HTTPS Adoption

Voice search has been in use for the last 2-3 years, but it is going to be used more in 2019. You need to optimize your website for voices searches too to make your SEO campaign successful.

Focus More on Topics in Comparison with Keywords

As an experienced digital marketer, I know how a keyword is essential for being ranked on search engines. You should use keywords with the right density. However, you should not forget the topic on which you are developing your content. Avoid the use of keyword unnecessarily.

You should primarily be focused on the topic. Comprehend the matter thoroughly, conduct relevant in-depth research, and prepare an outline before you start writing your content piece. Maintain the flow and smoothness to keep the audience engaged from the beginning to the end.

Create a Wide Variety of High Quality Backlinks

In the SEO world, quality backlinks have a crucial part in generating traffic to a website. As per Google, links are the first factor when it comes to deciding the search ranking of a site. Without links, raking a site higher is very, very hard.

  • A site with backlinks ranks higher than one without backlinks. A recent survey shows that approximately 92 percent of the top 50 search results have at least one external link indicating the website.
  • Around 78 percent of top search results have an outside link display a web page.
Your Site

It is clear here that you must create backlinks as many as you can if you really want to propel your SEO in 2019. To earn/build backlinks, you need to focus on high-quality content and influencer marketing. For creating a variety of backlinks, your website should have links from:

  • Guest posting.
  • News posting.
  • Local citation creation.
  • Infographics sharing.
  • Video sharing.

Test Your Website Loading Speed

You know people love the site that gets loaded faster. A recent survey has disclosed that users move ahead if a site takes more than 5 seconds on loading the page on the devices users are using. Here it is clear you need to work on enhancing your site loading speed. You can check your website page loading speed here.

PageSpeed Insights

You need to review each and every issues and suggestions and fix them to improve your website performance.

In addition to the marketing tips mentioned above, you should focus on image/video optimization to make your SEO strategy successful. Tracking and analyzing the performance, making the required improvements, stealing competitors’ site links, etc. will be very helpful for you.


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