Summer is here at eZanga, and with it begins our summer internship program. We’ll be working all summer with the eZanga team, and I wanted to introduce the interns to you. This rag tag group of misfits are here to “work hard, play hard, eat hard,” and learn all we can from the eZanga team for the next few months. We’ve had a few weeks to get to know everyone, and now it’s your turn to finally meet us! So without further adieu, meet eZanga’s summer interns.

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

sam selby

I’m Sam, the only lady of our group, and eZanga’s Public Relations Intern for the summer and fall semesters - so I’m going to be here for a while! I am currently in my senior year as a Communications major at Wilmington University. I came to eZanga because it’s the perfect fit for what I'm looking for in an internship: one where I can work on my writing skills. I knew I wanted to be part of the eZanga team before I even came in for the interview!

A writer at heart, I enjoy writing in my spare time, and I love learning about all genres of music, new and old. I also love all things Tina Fey and am a huge fan of 30 Rock.

I’m hoping that my experience here at eZanga over the next several months will help me to become a better writer and overall communicator. I hope my time at this internship will give me the tools and knowledge I will need to become a professional writer some day.

Meet Marty

martin schneck

Marty is one of eZanga’s Content Marketing Interns. He is a student at the University of Pennsylvania and is currently pursuing a degree in Marketing and Legal Studies. Marty’s role includes writing content for our blog. Have you read anything he’s written so far? He’s doing a great job, not that we’re biased or anything.

Marty has already learned so much in his short time at eZanga, and he’s hoping to learn a lot more. He hopes that eZanga will help him network and build a solid portfolio for after graduation.

When he’s not hanging out with us at eZanga, Marty’s a reality TV junkie with a passion for baking. He likes video games and secretly listens to hardcore rap, but don’t tell anyone! Marty is a “McFly” guy who loves watching Big Brother. If he could have any superpower, it would the ability to fly. It would make traveling to his internship easier, of course!

And Justin

justin swan

Justin has a very unique internship. He is our very first “hybrid” intern, combining the PR and Digital Media positions. He attends the University of Delaware, double-majoring in Communications and Exercise Science. Justin came to eZanga with a video background, and is excited to learn more about the public relations aspect of the business.

Justin is looking to better his writing, filming, and video editing skills during his summer with eZanga. He wants to take full advantage of all that eZanga can offer and create something he can be proud to show his future boss one day.

Justin enjoys filming and editing video in his spare time, and he recently filmed a five-part vlog series on his vacation to New Zealand. Pretty cool, huh? Justin enjoys surfing, skateboarding, and playing guitar, too. He even juggles on the side - is there anything this guy can’t do?

Last But Not Least, Gary

gary rotsch

Gary is our second Content Marketing Intern. He also attends the University of Delaware and is studying computer science with a concentration in Web Technology. Gary’s responsibilities at eZanga include marketing analytics and HTML coding. Gary came to eZanga looking for something interesting and more exciting than your typical, boring 9 to 5 internship.

Gary is a passionate sports fan, particularly soccer and basketball, and is an avid follower of all Philly teams. Gary also enjoys reading about what’s new in the world of technology to stay on his “A” game. Of course, Gary doesn’t spend all his time hanging around at eZanga. He has the ultimate summer job - he lifeguards at the Hockessin Athletic Club.

Gary has participated in multiple coding competitions, most recently the JPMorgan coding competition back in November. Gary works fast, and he doesn’t sweat the small stuff. He’s also a huge fan of Breaking Bad.

During his summer with eZanga, Gary hopes to become a more attractive prospect for web-based companies after he graduates from UD. He also hopes to gain more experience in web technology by learning everything he can from the eZanga team!

And there you have it, eZanga’s summer intern class of 2014. Aren’t we an attractive bunch? We can’t wait to see what trouble we can get into this summer with the eZanga team! Have you had a summer internship? What are your company’s summer interns doing? Tweet your experiences to @eZangaInc!