Resolutions are a funny thing. This time of year, many give it the good ole’ college try and commit to losing that last 15 (okay, 20) pounds, cut back on buying those cute shoes, or even go for that big promotion. We make resolutions, and sometimes break them. And it’s okay if you do too, we won’t judge you.

As we usher in a new class of interns for our first ever mini-internship, I encourage you to reach out to some of our past interns (here and here) and ask what their first day was like. I think some will say scary, others will say boring, and some might say awesome. But if you ask each of them what they wanted from their internship, they’ll tell you that they put their goals down on paper, too. And we discussed their goals - often - to make sure we were meeting their expectations.

So, today I do the same for you. Here are the resolutions, or goals, I have for each of you:

1. Provide You With a Crash Course in Content Marketing

For the next five weeks, you’ll learn not only how to write an epically awesome article, but also how to use tools to save time and improve in the process. You’ll learn how to make a post more readable and how to use specific keywords or examples that speak to a particular buyer persona. Lastly, what good is an article without people reading it? We’ll show you how to leverage social media to amplify your content, create images to add to it, and again, ways to save time doing so.

And you thought you were just going to be doing a little writing.

2. To Be Available for Advice and Training Remotely

eZanga is happy to have their first virtual intern. No, we didn’t create some awesome 3D rendering that combines our favorite traits of past interns (but that would be pretty cool). But we are welcoming an intern who is based remotely (in South Carolina, to be exact) into our mini-internship. While Michelle will not be joining us on-site, we don’t want her to miss out on anything that makes eZanga such an awesome place to intern.

As with any virtual position, it will come with challenges. We want to make it less challenging and commit to full availability for phone calls or Skype calls to give you the full internship experience. Granted, you won’t be able to taste all the goodness Uncle Tony is whipping up in the lunch room, but we’ll be sure to enjoy it, while Skyping, for you.

3. Support of Your Personal and Professional Goals

You will have goals while you’re here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

While you’re interning here, you are part of this team. We all have goals about what we want to achieve and get out of our work. And since most (if not all) of us do not live to work but rather work to live, I encourage personal goals too. So be prepared to squeeze as much as you can out of the internship. Those who do find it very fulfilling.

In turn, I promise that my team and I will do whatever it takes to support your goals. And if that means taking some extra time to help walk you through a tool or build your personal brand, bring it on. Our internship program is only successful when our interns are successful.

There you have it, my 2015 resolutions for each of you and our internship program. I think you’ll like it here. Our motto “Work Hard, Play Hard, Eat Hard” will make it like no other internship you’ll ever experience. We’re confident you will find it to be very fruitful and rewarding. Good luck with your internship, team! My door is always open.

Michelle Brammer

Internship Program Coordinator and Marketing Manager