As many of you may know, eZanga and Jimmy Hoppa recently turned 11 years-old! And earlier this month many of us gathered at Rich and Beth Kahn’s (eZanga’s owners) house in Middletown to celebrate with a good old-fashioned barbeque.

We don’t hide the fact that we love food and eating here at eZanga, so naturally we're going to celebrate by firing up the grill and having some hamburgers and hot dogs. Luckily, even though we had to reschedule a few times, we got a beautiful summer day here in Delaware, and we sure made the best of it.

But we didn’t just eat the whole time we were there. There were a bunch of different activities going on during the party, from trying to make shots with a basketball while riding down the Kahn’s water slide, to enjoying a relaxing ride down the lazy river, to a company volleyball game that got pretty heated.

The volleyball game was the biggest event during the party. With Beth’s team facing Rich’s, you know things were going to get heated quickly. With plenty of trash talk from both sides, it was a pretty evenly matched game. I was on Rich’s team and didn’t even lose the game for us!

I may be able to hold my own in a large variety of other sports, but volleyball is not one of them. Thankfully there were plenty of other team members were able to carry the team. It was a close game the entire way, with each team experiencing their own runs of success. But ultimately, it was Beth’s team that was able to pull out the win in the end.

Overall, it was a great afternoon of company bonding that I’m sure that everyone enjoyed. It’s safe to say that eZanga’s 12th birthday party is going to have a tough act to follow next year.

How does your company celebrate birthdays?