eZanga frog being drawn

Our History

Founded May 29th, 2003, owners Rich and Beth Kahn started eZanga as an affiliate network. Rich, an avid programmer since the age of nine, realized something wasn't quite right with the traffic they were receiving. Looking closely at the traffic, he discovered much of the traffic he was receiving was bot traffic and he wanted to do something about it. eZanga pivoted and started to focus less on affiliate networking and rather on fraudulent traffic detection.

In 2005, Traffic Advisors was complete and used to help eliminate fraudulent traffic. As a result, eZanga started to add advertisers to the network who were interested in capitalizing on an opportunity to eliminate budget-busting bad traffic. eZanga advertisers thrives with Traffic Advisors protecting advertiser budgets which led to the launch of AdPad, our proprietary ad management system for advertisers.

What Does 'eZanga' mean?

In 1997, Rich needed to name the search engine he designed and he wanted a name with no defined meaning. He liked "eZang.com" but did not have the funding for the startup. A few years later, Rich and Beth were ready to start up the search engine with a simpler design and a smaller investment. Rich's original idea, "eZang.com" was already taken so Beth decided to add an "a" to the end.

Originally we thought the term 'eZanga' was indefinable with a completely nonsensical origin, but we were wrong. In Hindu, 'Zanga' translates to 'tempo, beat' and 'bell-ringer' in Aramaic. Considering we're such an upbeat company, this seems fitting! Another 'Zanga' reference is the tribe in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novel, "Lost World". For those who are wondering, "Lost World" is a story about the survival of prehistoric animals, which ties in with our mascot frog, Jimmy Hoppa!

jimmy hoppa waving

What's the deal with the frog?

You've probably seen our squishy frogs at any trade show we've attended (and if you haven't, you need one). Jimmy Hoppa is the eZanga mascot, forever emblazoned in the eZanga logo. See, around the time eZanga was founded, Rich and Beth were building their house when a poor frog jumped into the wet concrete foundation. Unable to get out, well, he forever left his mark in the foundation of their home. That frog left an impression on Beth, and when it came time to design the logo for eZanga, naturally she chose a frog.