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We haven't met anyone yet who likes losing money. That's why we built Traffic Advisors®. Our dynamic fraud elimination tool is fully integrated into the traffic path, stopping fraudulent traffic before it hits an advertiser's budget. This means you'll make more money with the assurance that the traffic you pass along is good, clean traffic.

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cellphone with word bubble with orange highlightInText

Make money from your website without interrupting the user experience. InText advertising is an easy to implement solution if you have limited space on your website, or you don't want to compromise the integrity of your site.

Relevant, User Initiated Content

Advertisements are displayed when a user hovers their cursor over a targeted keyword. If they remove their cursor the advertisement disappears, so their experience isn't interrupted.

High Click-Through Rate

InText advertising actively parses your website's content to convert the most relevant keywords and phrases into targeted advertisements. This ensures the highest click-through rate and provides users with an enjoyable experience.

cellphone with word bubble with orange highlightContextual

Contextual advertising actively parses your website for the most relevant words or phrases and places related advertisements inside IAB standardized display boxes.

Customizable Styles

Customize contextual display boxes to match the look and feel of your website.

Ad Placement

Place the code where you want the ad to show up and in the size you want.

cellphone with word bubble with orange highlightXML

Our XML feed allows you to serve keyword based advertisements across your website, any way you see fit.

  • • We have a large network of advertisers to help you monetize your website.
  • • You control which advertisments show up on your website.
  • • Sample XML feed responses can be seen without having to query live data.



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