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eZanga Publisher Products Create Optimal User Experiences

Stop Fraudulent Traffic Before It Hits Your Advertisers

The Traffic Advisors fraud filter tool fully integrates into the traffic path and uses advanced algorithms to ensure the traffic you pass along is high quality and clean. As a result, your site generates more money.


InText Displays Ads Over A Targeted Keyword Without Interrupting the User Experience

If you have limited space on your site and don’t want to compromise its integrity, InText is a solution for you.

InText Benefits

  • Relevant Ads

    Advertisements are displayed only when the user hovers cursor over a targeted keyword.

  • User Initiated

    User maintains control; ad disappears when the user removes the cursor.

  • High CTR

    Only the most relevant keywords and phrases are targeted for the highest click-through rate.

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Seamlessly Place Ads Adjacent to Relevant Content With Contextual Advertising

Looking for an effective ad placement? Our contextual product searches your site for the most relevant words or phrases and displays contextually relevant standardized IAB sized ads matching the look and feel of your site.

Serve Keyword Based XML Ads Anywhere, Anytime

Let our large network of advertisers generate more revenue for your site. With XML, you control which text-based ads appear on your site. We share XML feed responses so you can decide which ads to push live.

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