Traffic Advisors

Redefining How A Traffic Acquisition Platform Should Operate

eZanga’s Traffic Advisors provides publishers with filters and all the bells and whistles they need to generate advertising revenue.

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"Codes? Fuggedaboutit! With Traffic Advisors, you don't need codes. It generates them for you so you can start making bank quickly"

A One-Stop Traffic Acquisition Platform

Let Traffic Advisors generate feeds and tags so you can start sending traffic immediately. Get a high cost per click with our real-time features.

How Traffic Advisors Works

Performanced-Based Pay

Performanced-Based Pay

Traffic Advisors classifies quality sources down to the subID level. Increase payouts to high performing sources and eliminate what doesn’t perform.

Easy Implementation

Easy Implementation

Programmers receive test URLS to review a sample response of our XML feed rather than querying live data. Requests are backfilled with attractive ads from the network resulting in increased revenue. Ads are readily available and generated instantly based on keyword preference.

Transparent Platform

Transparent Platform

What you see is what you get. Once payments are finalized, publishers receive accurate payments, down to the penny.


Why Publishers Choose Traffic Advisors

Detailed Reporting

Remove poor performing sources and optimize revenue in real time.


An advanced ranking system providing feedback on traffic quality and rewarding high performing sources.

Fraud Elimination

Filters traffic removing illegitimate sources before it hits the advertiser’s budget.

Convenient Payouts

Monthly payouts via trusted online payment systems: PayPal, ACH and Wire.

Defining TAScore

Billions of queries are sent through our network daily and analyzed with industry leading metrics to determine whether or not traffic is fraudulent. We assign a TAScore to all of our traffic sources based on the quality of traffic received and its ability to convert.

A conversion is different for every advertiser. Advertisers wither want a phone call, a sale or time spent on-site and pageviews. Our traffic is sorted by TAScore to meet the unique needs of every advertiser.

For Publishers. Image of <strong>TA</strong>Score pyramid: What's your <strong>TA</strong>Score? We pay you to find out.

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