Billions of queries go through our network daily and are analyzed with industry leading metrics to determine if traffic is fraudulent or not. We give all or our traffic sources a TAScore based on the quality of the traffic received and its ability to convert.

What is a TAScore?

A conversion is different for every advertiser. Some advertisers want a phone call, others want a sale, and some need time on site and pageviews. Our traffic is sorted by TAScore to meet the unique needs of every advertiser.

For Publishers. Image of <strong>TA</strong>Score pyramid: What's your <strong>TA</strong>Score? We pay you to find out.

Lower scores (01 - 03) are better for page views and branding. Medium scores (04 - 06) will give you traffic that converts without having to pay top dollar for it. Higher scores (07 - 09) is your best option if you want high quality traffic with the highest conversion rate.